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The Medici: the family that has marked the history of Florence

The Medici: the family that has marked the history of Florence

Let's take a fascinating journey into the history of the Medici, by visiting the palaces where they lived and by admiring the formidable works that they commissioned.

The tour starts at the first major residence of the family, the present Palazzo Medici-Riccardi. This was built in the fifteenth century by the architect Michelozzo who was commissioned by Cosimo the Elder, the patriarch of the family. By looking at the superb frescoes in the Chapel of the Magi, we can recognize the portraits of the protagonists of the time, including Lorenzo the Magnificent.

The tour continues through Piazza della Signoria, where you can visit the Palazzo Vecchio. In 1540 it became the new home of the Medici, who wanted to turn it into a rich royal palace of the Renaissance.

After admiring the statues commissioned by the Medici in Piazza Signoria and the Palazzo degli Uffizi, we'll follow the path running outside of the Vasari Corridor - a private passage which connects the Palazzo Vecchio to the Pitti Palace - built at the request of Cosimo I of the Medici for security reasons and as an escape route. Once you have crossed the Ponte Vecchio we'll visit the church of Santa Felicita, a favorite of the Medici.

The tour ends at the Pitti Palace, the last home of the family.

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